Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beware!! You can't download Modern Combat 4 APK without this

Hello, folks, a lot of Gamers has been always in the hunt for Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour APK free download trick. But is that really possible?

Here we come with our conclusion on installing Modern combat 4 apk file directly without paying on play store after testing with 4 different android devices with root and no root of Redmi note, Samsung, OnePlus, LG.
We have followed all tutorials and Gamins websites who has shared tricks and apk file, data file, mod apk etc.
We have also followed all the steps to try our best to let them proof right but sadly it's not. You will end up with the error "mc4 app not installed".

mc4 apk offline

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Here is why you can't install now but earlier it was:
As we all know Gameloft and Android is always too fast to fix bugs and hacks on every update the old mc4 game also has received few changes and it's no longer possible with the 2 year old apk files with a new look.
Yes, you can't simply use the too old apk with a strict environment like Android Oreo anymore.

So Whats next?
As the price is too high and the graphics are very obsolete we recommend moving on to a new game like MCV or MC5 which is free to use. If you are still a die hard fan and can't wait then have some patience when there is some discount sale is on and buy it as a one time payment only and update without any issues later and no need to worry for any malicious app as it can lead to theft of your personal information and anything you do or store on your mobile.

Link to Buy this game: Play Store link

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