Sunday, May 20, 2018

How to play modern combat 5 Blackout offline on Android, Windows

It's been asked a lot regarding how to play Modern combat 5 offline or without internet. So this article is to clear your doubts.

Playing Modern combat 5 offline is searched a lot on the internet and we found again many results and here we come to a conclusion for your doubt.

Gameloft is controlling the game and its data through online sync on its servers. If you will play offline it stores some gameplay data on the local storage and again when you go online it verifies the data and if there is any mismatch it will remove all those old data and may lead to blocking your account in future.

Some 3rd party APK providers suggest downloading their app with root but never take the risk as they do access all your device data and that also doesn't work. You can see the discussion here and there is no positive feedback.

With all our experiments and facts, it's not possible to play this game without internet.

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