Sunday, March 25, 2018

ESL Play: Play more to Win more, tournament gaming APP

ESL Play is the largest gaming platform for tournaments and winning rewards. Its a part of ESL Gaming Network.

If you are a gamer then you must join this worlds leading esports platform ESL Play. It covers a lot of games and you just have to win tournaments with your team. Its very simple with the ESL Play Android App / iOS App and Discord for communications with your team.

This app is also available for almost countries like US, France, Germany, Italy, India, Japan, UK, Poland, Spain,Turkey, Romania, Portugal, Australia, Brazil & more.

Steps to Participate in ESL Games and winning rewards:

Before starting anything make sure you are a good team. Be it Modern Combat 5 (MC5), Modern Combat Versus (MCV), DOTA2, FIFA, Ball 3D, Naruto Shippuden, CS GO. All these games announce their tournaments with a name like GO4MC5, Go4R6,  Go4Heroes etc.

  • Download the ESL Play App and Login to your Account.
  • Create your team and let all players sign up for the upcoming event.

esl play app join

  • You will get the opponent details few time before the match and connect with them on chat for discussions.
  • Now play the game and upload results screenshots.
  • If you win you will get the next match details soon and keep winning to get closer to the Prize.
  • If you love web browsing you can also visit the official website and find all match details, create a team, discuss with others and explore more.

Showcase your love for the game with ESL Shop:

esl shop


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ESL Community:
Meet more gamers and discuss anything with the ESL Forum. It covers a lot of game: Arena of Valor, Battlerite, Blazblue, Clash Royale, Counter-Strike, Critical Ops, Crossfire, Dota 2, Fifa, Heroes of the storm, League of legends, Modern Combat, Overwatch, Rainbox Six and more.

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