Saturday, April 7, 2018

How to Find your game server on MC5 and Improve play [Tutorial]

It's still unknown to many about the server they are connected to on Modern Combat 5. If you don't know you can't improve your gameplay using some random VPN.


Hello guys here we come with tutorial series of MC5 Gaming. As we all know ping is really important for a pro gameplay as higher the ping you will feel latency during your game play and it causes teleporting and you die so quickly before you see enemy.

So the first thing you have to do is find the Gameloft server you are connecting while you are playing. There are multiple servers of Gameloft eg for my region which is at Canada, Montreal.

Process of tracking your game server:

Update: New Network Connections App makes it more easy with options to live track all connections.

Download the OS Monitor app / Alternate app

This app can show all the apps and where is connecting to.

Allow all permissions and go to the 3rd tab (Connection).

Now open the game let it load fully.

Quickly switch to the OS monitor app and take a screenshot of Modern Combat IP / Note it as bellow:

You can also click on that to see map data directly.

Alternately  go to IP2Location and on right corner put this ip to see the location of you game server.

Don't type the port i.e :443. Here the IP is

You will find 2-3 IP addresses with named system and location is same, that IP can be used to check PING.

Here that IP is

How to check your ping to MC5:

To check PING, download Pingtools APP

GO to Menu > Ping

Now fill the IP and press the PING button. It will show the ping to game server.

Now use multiple networks and find the lowest ping one. Lower the ping , better you can play.

Watch our 10 seconds quick video on how to check PING on Ping Tools app for Modern Combat 5:

Stay tuned as we will come up with more tutorials on how to improve PING and more next week. Till then SHARE and help others. Happy Gaming. :)

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